Austria is located in the center of the European continent. In the west, it has a common border with Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein; in the south, with Switzerland, Italy and Slovenia; in the east with Hungary; in the north-east with Slovakia; and in the north with the Czech Republic. The total area of ​​Austria is more than 83 thousand square kilometers. 70% of the country is a mountainous terrain, most of which is occupied by the Eastern Alps. The highest peak is the Mount Grossglockner, which reaches 3797 meters.

In Austria, there are more than 8 million people. Vienna is home for more than half a million people, in Graz live 2.3 million, in Linz 203.000, in Salzburg almost 144.000, and in Innsbruck 118.000 people. As of 1955, the average population density of the country is of 94 persons per 1 square kilometer. 96% of the population consists of Austrians; as well there live Italians, Czechs, Slovenes, Hungarians, Serbs and others. Commonly, more than 9 dialects are spoken; the official language is German. In the travel industry and in the service sector, English is used.

The climate of Austria is temperate and continental. In winter, in January, the temperature reaches -2 degrees. In July and August, the hottest months of the year, is up to +20 degrees. The annual rainfall is from 600 to 1100 mm.

The symbols of the city of the Austrian capital, Vienna, are the Cathedral of St. Stephen, the Schonbrunn Palace and the St. Rupert’s church, the Vatican Church, Vienna amusement park, the Belvedere Palace, a collection of musical instruments, which is located at the Museum of Art History, the chapel of St. Bernard, the Parliament, the Town Hall, the statues of Pallas Athena, the Staatsoper, the Burgtheater, the City Hall, and the Vatican church. In Salzburg, tourists and visitors can see the famous Salzburg Cathedral, Salzburg lakes, salt mines, the Kunsthistorisches museum, Helburn cave with a beautiful park, and the house where was born and lived a famous composer Mozart.

Public transport in Austria consists of buses, subways and trams, high-speed railways. You can order a taxi by phone or rent a car.