Cyprus is situated in the north-eastern part of the Mediterranean basin at a distance of 380 km from Egypt, 105 km from Syria and 75 km from Turkey. The Greek mainland is 800 km westward. The nearest Greek islands are the Rhodes and the Karpathos. The coastal line of the island of Cyprus is indented and rocky in the north; in the south, endless sandy beaches are stretched. Mountains cover nearly half of the island. In the south-west is a vast mountain mass Troodos, flora of which is consisted of pines, dwarf oaks, cypresses and cedars. Here is the top of Mount Olympus, with the height of 1952 m above sea level. It is the highest mountain of the island. Between two mountain ridges are the fertile valley Mesaoria (in the east) and more fertile basin of Morphou (in the west). The island has two salt lakes. The total forest area occupies about 20% of the territory of Cyprus; the total area of ​​arable land is about 47%.

Cyprus is an island ranging third in the Mediterranean Sea according to its size, and is located in the eastern part of it. Tours to Cyprus became popular early in the last century. And it is not surprising. Among travelers Cyprus is famous for its climate, for three hundred and forty days of sunshine per year. The favorable climate, beaches, luxury hotels, fully meeting all international requirements for such resorts, ancient origins, unforgettable excursions and amazing cuisine – everything on the Cyprus is favorable for the rest of the people from around the world who want to obtain new experiences and have a good time.

Cyprus is located at the crossroads of international air and sea routes. It has an important strategic and political importance in the eastern Mediterranean. The shortest distance from Turkey to Cyprus is of sixty-five kilometers, to Lebanon and Syria - one hundred and ten kilometers, and to Egypt - four hundred kilometers. The name of Cyprus comes from the Latin name of copper - cuprum, with good reason: the country has long since been famous for its rich copper mines. Cyprus is a bourgeois republic. The main part of the executive power is held by the Council of Ministers, headed by the president, while the legislative power is assigned to the Parliament. The Constitution severely impedes the normal functioning of the state apparatus, which opposes the Turkish and Greek communities.

Over its long history the island of Cyprus, also called the island of Aphrodite, has seen countless foreigners. The ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Assyrians came there to conquer it. But the greatest contributions to the development of the modern Republic of Cyprus and its culture have made ancient Greeks, who at first were also foreigners. Traces of ancient civilizations still delight anyone who chose a vacation in Cyprus.

But at the same time, the relationship which was formed with travelers from Anatolia, who brought a different faith and a different language with them, is not the most serene page of the colorful history of Cyprus. The eternal dispute between the Turkish and Greek communities of Cyprus, the expulsion from comfortable seats and the terror inflicted on this land and these people terrible wounds that still manifest themselves, after three decades of terrible, bloody civil war, as a result of which the island was divided into two parts. Many older people do not want to hear that they have survived a lot in common with their fellow countrymen of the other community, and many young people simply do not remember it. Foreigners can only wonder why and who needed this division.

On this lovely island, each person will find something to do while on holiday in Cyprus in his spare time. It is possible to rent a car or a boat. There are favorable conditions for water sports, horseback riding and fishing. There are also tennis courts, golf grounds, squash courts and volleyball pitches. Tours to Cyprus will provide an opportunity of feeling as a real sea wolf, because yachting is one of the main entertainments on the island. By the way, holiday in Cyprus can be combined with the training – either of driving the vessel, or scuba diving. Any visitor will certainly be interested in cruise (voyage) at well-equipped ships. Everyone will be able to travel to Egypt and Israel, and the most qualified, specially trained guides could show all of the most exciting places.