The Kingdom of Denmark is located in Northern Europe and the islands of the Danish archipelago. The country occupies an area of 43.1 thousand square kilometers. Denmark's population is of 5.5 million people. The official language is Danish. The country’s capital is Copenhagen. Its monetary unit is a Danish crone. The most of believers are Lutherans. Administrative division: 14 counties. Denmark is a constitutional monarchy. The head of the state is the Queen. Legislative body is represented by the unicameral parliament (folketing). Denmark includes the Faroe Islands and Greenland, which have an internal self-government. Danish Reserves are the Hessel, the Worth and others.

Denmark is very popular among tourists, especially on the eve of New Year and Christmas holidays. Denmark attracts tourists by a rich history, high culture, and a diversity of outstanding places. From the Viking Age in Denmark have remained a large number of monuments, among which are the fortress Trelleborg, Aggersborg, and Fyrkat. Among the attractions of Denmark, the churches of Ribe and Vyborg, Roskilde and Odense, the castles of Seborg and Vordinborg, and the church of Kalundborg are famous. The most famous castle in Denmark is the Fredericksburg Castle, about which Shakespeare himself wrote. Probably there is no person who has not seen the photo or have not heard about the famous Mermaid statue in the harbor, which, as the main character in Andersen's fairy tale, has become a symbol of Denmark.

During the stay in Denmark you will be able to see various attractions of architecture of different styles - Baroque, Rococo, and Classicism. All this makes the stay in this fantastic country a continuous tour of its famous places. The photos taken during this trip will help later return in thoughts again and again to this "fantastic" country. Holidays in Denmark should be planned in advance, because many tourists want to visit the country especially in the winter. That's why you should book a hotel room beforehand.

At Denmark’s resorts you will find not only beautiful beaches close to the Baltic Sea, but also many ancient castles and fortresses. At these resorts you will have an opportunity of an active vacation with the whole family, because the country has a large number of water parks and other places for a family vacation. These places of entertainment can be found easily on the tourist map of Denmark. The Danes have a national characteristic of hospitality, friendliness, sense of humor and patriotism. They reverently preserve and respect the traditions, experiencing great national pride for their country.

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, attracts tourists with its landscaped gardens, outstanding places, squares and fountains. The most visited place in Copenhagen is an amusement park Tivoli. The city is called the capital of fairy tales; here is the home of Hans Christian Andersen - a famous storyteller of all time.

The sights of Denmark also include small towns, ancient castles and fortresses, majestic forests and lakes. Tourists should also visit, in particular, the palace Hristianborg, the National Library, the Rosenberg Castle, the Viking Ship Museum, the Royal Arsenal Museum, the Museum of the tram, the National Parks of Hessel and Worth.